“This is the story my eating disorder wouldn’t let me tell.”


A book and music compilation project by Jenn Friedman, Eating Disorders on the Wire: Music and Metaphor as Pathways to Recovery guides you on a recovery journey as told through a metaphorical tale.

Throughout this journey, the eating disorder takes the form of various metaphors, including wire-walking, a cocoon, a courtroom, and quicksand. You are shown how each metaphor can be used to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you choose to enable it. The book’s purpose is to assign imagery and tale to feelings that the eating disorder may render unidentifiable.

Eating Disorders on the Wire attempts to find resolution for the numbness associated with eating disorders by rendering recovery vivid. It provides a universal platform from which to work; a universal language for anyone struggling to communicate. It also allows loved ones to have an alternate perspective from which to understand.

Music is Friedman’s broadest and most pertinent metaphor for recovery. And with that, this book—literally and metaphorically—comes full circle. The full-length album, On the Wire, serves as an exploration of the emotions around eating disorders, with its powerful and soulful songs.

  • What people are saying about Eating Disorders on the Wire

    Eating Disorders on the Wire is unlike anything I have ever encountered in the world of eating disorder recovery. The creative depth with which Jenn writes is fascinating and new. She has a unique voice as an advocate and an artist. I am so glad her voice exists.
    Arielle Lee Bair, MSW, LSW

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5/21/2017 Sale

In recognition of Jenn’s radio appearance on June 4 on the Evan Genzburg Show (www.villageconnectionradio.com), we have decided to give people an opportunity to acquaint themselves with Jenn’s book at a discount. Until June 21, the first edition physical copy of Jenn’s book “Eating Disorders on Wire: Music and Metaphor as Pathways to Recovery” will be discounted 25%. This discount is reflected in the price so there no need for a promo code. Read the edition that started it all in the traditional format!

-Jim Bias

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Mental Fitness, Inc. and Jenn Friedman are proud to announce the release of “The Maiya Project,” a short dance eating disorder recovery film based on Jenn’s song, “Maiya.” Check out the film for free viewing below, Vimeo upload courtesy of Tim Farrell – thanks, Tim! (Please note: The Mental Fitness website with all project content is currently under construction).

Also, please check out the song, “Maiya” (Personal Bias Records), available for free streaming and download, here.

Also, feel free to like The Maiya Project Facebook Page.

Stay tuned for launch event info!

“The Maiya Project” is a short dance film about eating disorder recovery choreographed to my song, “Maiya.” Thank you to the ends of the earth, Renee Locher (choreographer, editor, make up and hair artist), and dancers Jenn Converse (representation of Maiya), Anna Andrews (“healthy voice”) and Katie Kilbourn (“eating disorder voice). And a huge thanks to Robyn Hussa Farrell of Mental Fitness, Inc and Tim Farrell!!! And thank you Ev Horrosh for all your behind the scenes photo and video work! And thank you Javale Jean-Pierre, our videographer who isn’t on Facebook!! And Sam JB for all your help with location! And thank you to Wayne Alan Becker for producing the song, “Maiya.” And thank you Patrick Roman drummer and Anthony Fischer cellist and Wayne Becker guitarist for playing on the track. Thank you, Maiya, for inspiring this creation and being in the film! <3 and Sandra for everything. ? Thanks to EVERYONE who supported this Indiegogo – rewards coming soon! <3 Thank you Jim and Dara Riegel for releasing the song on Personal Bias Records! Thank you all so so much…this is truly a dream realized. #themaiyaproject