On the Wire CD

The full-length album, On the Wire, is both a complement to Eating Disorders on the Wire, and a stand-alone music project. With insightful lyrics and complex arrangements, the songs speak to all ages and backgrounds. With a style reminiscent of Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco, but distinctly all her own, Jenn Friedman uses her music as a means to evoke raw emotions from her listeners.

Download the full album >

Song List
1. MADE OF ME   download >
2. WHITE LIE   download >
3. EDEN   download >
4. CARRIE   download >
5. FINAL FEEDING   download >
6. MIRROR   download >
7. REDEMPTION   download >
8. EVOLUTION   download >
9. WE WALK ON   download >
10. TOO MANY VOICES   download >
11. BELIEVE   download >

Music Credits
Jenn Friedman – Vocals, Piano; Jim Touchton – Upright & Electric Bass; Patrick Roman – Drums; Anthony Fischer – Cello; Sharon Olsher – Viola; Wayne Becker – Guitar, all other instruments.

Produced by Jenn Friedman and Wayne Becker. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Wayne Becker. Recorded at Westwires Recording USA.