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I’m Back from England

Hi everyone!

Jenn here. I recognize that it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated this site with any semblance of regularity. I’m here to tell you that is about to change. I recently arrived back from London where I completed my Masters in Counseling. As I settle back into my current home of New Jersey (GASP!!! Don’t worry – Brooklyn girl at heart, but absolutely loving my nook at present), I am simultaneously adopting a renewed mindset toward music and writing.

What you can expect going forward:

  • I will be updating this site with new pictures shortly.
  • I will be updating this site with, at minimum, weekly check-ins.
  • I will be linking to weekly or twice-weekly Youtube uploads. (
  • I will be updating sporadically on the benefits of joining my Patreon page. (
  • Finally, as I re-enter the performance sphere, I will be updating the calendar with any relevant events.

Also, just a reminder that the physical version of my book is discounted due to its not being the most updated version. The updated version is the digital copy. The goal is to print physical copies of that which currently exists solely in digital form, but for now, you can take advantage of the discounted price for a version that has been slightly updated since its initial publication.

And finally, I have taken to updating my Facebook pages daily:





Since this post is already littered with linkage, I’ll leave some other relevant ones for another time – but they too are coming!

If you’d read thus far, I truly appreciate it. I’m looking forward to seeing you here soon! Thank you as always for your support.